2017 Holiday Season’s Christmas Lighting Ideas For Your Home

Christmas lights ideas

Each Christmas, we witness our communities, and  actually, the rest of the entire world, light up. Regardless if you’re walking around the park, taking a trip to the mall, or strolling around your neighborhood, you will see lots and lots of Christmas lights. After all, Christmas all about going festive and one great way to promote the Christmas spirit is by putting up lights.

It’s understood that during this special occasion, we also should participate in our own ways. Usually, that is done by decorating our own homes, hosting a Christmas party, and exchanging gifts with family and friends. For this article, we will set our focus on how to light up our home for Christmas.

As we all know, there are so many types of lights that are suitable for the holiday season. From fairy series lights to DIY lanterns, we never really run out of ideas. Without further ado, here are some wonderful Christmas lighting ideas for your home.

Christmas Lights

  • Laser lights projectors

One of the newest and most trendy Christmas lights used today are laser lights projectors. You can simply mount them somewhere near a socket; plug it in and it directly projects lights wherever it is aimed at. Some homeowners, project it in front of their house, on interior/exterior walls, and even on their garden. What’s great is these projectors usually project Christmas symbols such as snowflakes, santa, reindeers, etc. and they also come in different colors. To know more, check out best Christmas laser lights reviews.

  • Christmas lanterns

When it comes to lantern lights–it’s basically lights glowing from inside an object; usually from a star or from glass lamps. This idea is great for decoration. You can hang your star lantern outside your house, in a nearby tree, or perhaps in your front porch (depending on the size of the lantern). As for those lanterns which can’t be hanged, just place them strategically on your doorstep or walkway, or on tables inside your home. In fact, there are even lantern parades held around the world during Christmas season.

different Christmas lights

  • Fairy lights on decors

Among the many Christmas lights, fairy lights are the ones which give out that disney-like effect. These lights truly look like fireflies and fairies once they’re placed inside mason jars or snow globes. For other homeowners, they also mount fairy lights to the walls as well to create a Christmas tree form (an alternative to the actual tree).

  • Xmas lights as garlands

The most common way of using traditional Christmas series lights, besides wrapping it around the tree, is by creating garlands out of it or wrapping garlands with it. If you have garlands placed on your dining table, or your staircase handles, you may also use your traditional Christmas lights on top of it to give it extra Christmas vibe.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, don’t be afraid to get creative. As much as how packaging of products or wrapping of gifts matter, how your own home looks like for the holiday matters a lot as well. Try out some new ideas that may pop into your head. Just make sure the usage and installation are extra safe (after all, we don’t want fire during Christmas). Finally, never leave out the exterior part of your home; light up your doorstep and your garden as well.

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