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If you don’t mind getting glue on your fingers and you’ve got a couple of prints and a bunch of papers to spare, you could try making your very own photo journal!

Here’s what you’ll need:

2 photographs; sheets of paper (they can be blank or try a mixed stack of recycled papers), 1 thin strip of paper (choose a color to match your photos); 2 wooden pegs; two wooden boards (or old books); sheet of wax paper; brush; white glue (craft glue or PVA bookbinding glue)

1. Trim your 2 photographs and the sheets of paper so they are all the same size.

2. Stack together the sheets of paper, put one photograph on top and one on the bottom of the stack with the pictures facing outwards. Try to line up the papers and covers along the left edge as neatly as possible (this is the spine). Hold everything in place with the wooden pegs.

3. Prop the pegged sheets and covers between two wooden blocks or two books, hold the entire stack together firmly.

4. Apply 1 thin layer of glue to the spine (left edge of the stack) – use the brush to spread glue on evenly. Wait a few minutes for the glue to dry, then apply another layer of glue.

5. When the second layer has dried, remove the wooden pegs and wrap the stack in a sheet of wax paper. Place the bundle on a flat surface and put some heavy books, wooden boards, a brick (or any flat heavy thing) on top. Wait for half an hour — get up and stretch, have a snack, stick your head out the window for some fresh air.

6. Take your almost-finished journal out from under the brick. Trim the strip of paper so it’s the same height and then trim the width so it’s about 1.25 to 1.5 inches (depending on how thick your journal is).

7. Hold the strip of paper up to the glued spine, use your fingers to fold creases so that the paper will wrap around the spine.

8. Apply a thin layer of glue to the strip of paper so it attaches firmly to the front-cover photo, spine, and back-cover photo.

9. Sit back and revel in what you’ve made. Take a photograph of your completed photo journal to share with us and all your friends!


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